Beaches in Italy: all you need to know

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Italy has over 7600 km of the coastline. The number of the beaches, which Italy offers is enormous. From the white sandy beaches of the Salento, which are called Maldives of Europe to the rocky beaches of the Sicily.  The choice of the perfect beach isn’t so easy as you think. There are so many different factors, which tourist need to make into consideration. Most of the people wait for their holidays for almost a year. It is understandable that would like to have a perfect holiday rest. That is why I would like to share with you all you need to know about the beaches in Italy before you go to your ideal holidays.

Private beaches in Italy

Private beaches in Italy

Italy has a well-developed beach infrastructure. Everywhere you can find places called stabilimento balneare or Lido, which offers services like beach chairs, umbrellas or showers. The Lido has also a bar and offers cold drinks, snacks, sandwiches and sometimes also cold dishes like French fries. Some of them have restaurants and offer not only fast food but also more sophisticated dishes. Choosing your perfect beaches in Italy you need to also consider what type of rest do you prefer. For the active beach time, I propose to find the Lido, which provides some entertainments (dancing classes, aerobic, sports tournaments). When you plan to travel with your kids it is very important to find the place safe (with the lifeguard) and not boring (with the playground). Now you know what to expect from the private beaches in Italy, the question is how to choose them and what is the cost. You do not need to book anything. When you will arrive at your destination, just take a walk along the sea and you will find the signs of the Lidos with information what they offer. The cost depends on the region and month and the row. The most expensive prices are in August. To give you a view, in the Calabria region in August 2017 (second row) for the beach umbrella with two chairs I paid 17 euro. In July 2018 for the same 11 euro.

Public beaches in Italy

Polignano a Mare- public beaches in ItalyThe public beaches in Italy are in minority, so sometimes you need to walk some distance to go there. Some of them have free showers, but usually, they don’t offer additional services. In the high season, I recommend going there in the morning. Later could be the issues with finding a perfect beach spot. TIP: You can achieve the same comfort as the private beach. You need only take with you your own beach umbrella and chair (you can buy it almost in every shop in the seaside places). This is a one-time expense and you can enjoy the comfort (especially in rocky beaches) during the entire stay.

Avoid beach time in August

Calabria public beaches in Italy
August is the month in which Italians go on their holidays. The most of the factories are closed in this period. In the result, the beaches are full, not only with the tourist but also locals having their holidays. The prices of everything this month going up. You have to pay more for accommodation, food and beach services. There will be also harder to find the free spot on the public beach.

Beach time with your dog

Dog on the beach in Italy
The is no simple answer to this topic. The situation is simpler in the case of the private beaches because they have their own regulations and you need to follow them. The public beaches regulations could be different in every commune. The help is A.I.D.A.&A (Italian defense of animals and the environment) regulation. According to it, no one (if there is no prohibited by commune) couldn’t forbid you the entrance to the public beach with the dog.  The obvious one is that your dog couldn’t disturb others users of the beach and you need to clean up after it. To make sure that region, which you choose will allow your friend enjoy relax on the beach, before the holiday contact right commune and ask about it. To avoid the issues you can also choose dedicated dog-friendly beaches.

Topless sunbathing

Topless sunbathing is not forbidden in Italy but doesn’t mean that is welcome. I personally did not see the woman sunbathing in this way. I choose always not the tourist destinations so maybe that is the reason. The locals don’t sunbathe topless. I asked my Italian friend about the reason and the answer was very simple: “we have the Pope”.  You won’t get a ticket but I recommend to respect tradition to avoid unpleasant situations or choose the nudist beach.


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