Matera 10 facts you need to know

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First time I visited Matera by accident. It was during my stage in Italy. I have always dreamed about visit Venice, Rome, Florence but I have never heard about off the beaten path places like Matera. It was twelve years ago when the town was undiscovered. This place is worth to visit at least once in your life. Matera is so different from other cities, which you have seen in Italy and other parts of the world. It is one of the kind. Discover 10 facts you need to know about this hidden gem.



1. European Capital of Culture

The uniqueness of Matera was noticed in Europe. The city is the European Capital of Culture for the year 2019. This year besides the cultural richness, the visitors will experience a lot of special events.

2. UNESCO Heritage

UNESCO also appreciated the beauty and historical assets of Matera. It became in 1993 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is no surprise because the city is a one, big museum.

3. One of the oldest

Matera is one of the oldest continually inhabited settlement in the world. Yes, it is no mistake, in the WORLD. The region was considered as a shame of Italy (read or watch Christ stopped at Eboli for the better understanding condition of leaving). People in this city are the only in the world, who live in the same houses as their ancestors 9000 years ago!

Sassi Matera4. Unique construction

During the expansions of town, new streets were constructed on the rooftops the houses. As a result, Matera has a unique, layered structure, which is famous for.

5. Hollywood

Hollywood also discovered the beauty of the city. Here Mel Gibson set The Passion of the Christ, Omen by John Moore or recently, new James Bond movie scenes were shot there. It is a perfect place for movie theme trip.

6. Delicious bread

The city is famous from delicious Matera bread IGP. Try it, and you wouldn’t eat other bread again!

Matera bread7. City of brave citizens

Matera was the first city in the south of Italy, which started a Resistance Movement against the Fascists. The breve locals rebelled during World War II. After the war, the citizens received a Military Valor silver medal for exceptional self-devotion.

8. Christian temples museum

It is the right place to discover changes, which had placed during the ages in the Christian Church. There is a variety of temples. You can admire simple churches in the caves with altars and frescos and more sophisticated churches and cathedral.

Matera old town9. The witness of ancient history

Matera is a place when mixed the culture. The city was a witness of the Neolithic life, the ancient Romans empire, and Greeks domination.

10. Hidden Gem

Despite the increasing number of tourist Matera is still a hidden gem of south Italy. It is worth to visit the city before it would become famous as Rome or Venice. When you plan to visit Naples, the Amalfi CoastSalerno or Apulia, you couldn’t skip the Matera!

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