Privacy policy

1. Cookies policy
The cookies are managed by Donna Lucana page administrator and could be used for the cooperating partners- Google and Facebook. The website does not gather any confidential information.

1.1. The website- Cookies at do not collect confidential information like name, surname or address. For the purpose of blocking and removing cookies file from this website, you need to change settings of your browser (because every browser is different use help button to get informed how to change them).
1.2. Facebook- cookies are used for statistic purposes, help to gather and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaign. That information helps to improve Donna Lucana website and marketing campaigns on Facebook.
1.3. Google Analytics- cookies are used for statistic purposes. Google Analytics help to gather and analyze statistic information like browser type, the number of visitors, marketing campaign effectiveness and time which visitors spend on the website. The purpose of gathering that information is to improve Donna Lucana website.

2. Personal data protection
Leave your personal data for marketing and commercial purposes is optional and voluntary. You have access to your data, their removing and changing any time. For do this, contact administrator on or use the resign button, which you find in my newsletter. Administrator of your data is the owner of Donna Lucana page, Marta Montewska-Nowak.
2.1. Logs- using Donna Lucana website is connected with sending requests to the website’s server. Every request is saved in logs, which contains data such as IP address, date and time of the server, information about the browser and operating system, which you use. Data saved in the logs are not connected to any particular person and are only the ancillary material used for administration and their content is not disclosed for any third party despite the person authorized for server administration.
2.2. Newsletter- with your permission for processing the personal data for the marketing and commercial information. Those data will be used only for sending you information and marketing emails from Donna Luca website. Data are gathering by Mailer Lite system. Other third parties will not have access to your personal data.
2.3. Comments- when you leave your comment on Donna Lucana website, your data will not be used for marketing purposes. Your data will gather in my email box, WordPress, and Disqus system for the purpose of managing correspondence. Third parties will not have access to your data.
2.4. Contact form- all personal data gathering through sent message by contact form will be not used for marketing purposes. Your data will gather in my email box for the purpose of managing correspondence. Third parties will not have access to your data.
2.5. Shop- all data gathered through internet shop are used for order realization purposes. This data are not used for marketing purposes without your permission.

Administrator inform that entrust processing your personal data following third parties:
LH.PL Sp z o.o. st Pamiątkowa 2/56, 61-512 Poznań- gathering data on the server.
MailerLite, Paupio st. 46, LT-11341 Vilnius, Lithuania- used for mailing system for sending the newsletter.