The Amalfi Coast: Practical tips for visiting

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The Amalfi Coast has one of the most breathtaking views in Italy. There is no surprise, that its beauty has been appreciated by celebrities like Bradley Cooper or Richard Gere. That is a reason why you need to share those views with a crazy amount of tourists. The Amalfi Coast is no more off the beaten path place. But still, it is a place you need to visit at once in your life!

I have visited the Amalfi Coast two times in my life. Every time was different. I have received a lot of questions about the Amalfi Coast trips. Let’s make it clear. Certainly, there is no one right answer for it. All depends on how much time, money and expectations you have. My practical tips for visiting Amalfi Coast will help you decide. Enjoy!

The Amalfi Coast: Transport

Alafi Coast

First of all, there no exist one, right mode of transport, which is right for visiting this part of Italy. One of my first post on the fan page was about visiting the Amalfi Coast by car. Above all, visiting the coast by vehicle seems to be a good idea as the views are so spectacular. No one would like to miss the perfect shot. In reality, it looks different. The streets are extreme narrows, and there aren’t a lot of possibilities to stop the car. On the other hand in the summer you would not have this kind of problem because traffic can be gigantic. Finally, when you arrive at the destination and find a parking spot, it cost a fortune! Vespa seems to be a good alternative for the car.

I visited the Amalfi Coast by car. My base was Pogerola, which has free parking spots next to the bus stop. Even more, the town offers spectacular views and sunsets. I left the car there and reached Ravello and Amalfi by bus. Because Positano was my last stop, I visited it by car.

The alternative for the car is a ferry from Salerno. It is perfect for the people, who do not want to stay in crowded places like Amalfi & Positano and have enough time to commute every day. Furthermore, the views from the ferry are stunning.

The Amalfi Coast: Where to stay

Also choosing your base depends on your preferences. I personally prefer quiet and not crowded places. Certainly, not in all the places, which I visited I could have this luxury. On the Amalfi Coast, it seemed to be impossible but I did make it. I choose for my base Pogerola. For me, it was a perfect place because there was no tourist, only the locals. It has the vibes of untouched Italian towns, where in the evening all residents sitting on the main square, and spending time together. Furthermore, Pogerola has to offer a stunning sea view, restaurant, and free parking spots right next to the bus station. I highly recommend this place.

Positano is the right place for the people who are looking for entertainment and beach time. Check out my article about beaches in Italy here.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast: One day trip

Due to the numerous photos of Positano on Instagram, most of the visitors choose this place for a one day trip.  In my opinion, this place has less to offer than Ravello and Amalfi. Don’t get me wrong. Positano is beautiful, but Ravello has stolen my heart. The views from the Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone are stunning. It is also a perfect place for couples. There are plenty of restaurants with romantic views.

Amalfi Coast

For those of you, who are going to visit Amalfi I highly recommend visiting The Emerald Grotto. Next, to the main parking lot of Amalfi are the ticket offices. It is worth to see The Emerald Grotto itself, but the huge advantage of this tour is a possibility to see the Amalfi Coast from the sea. Visiting Amalfi you can’t miss the cathedral. Despite the temperature, you need to remember that you will not be allowed entering without appropriate clothes. For the person with top tanks, very nice employees, offer paper shoulders cover for free.

I hope you liked my practical tips about the Amalfi Coast. Share in the comments your experience or plans for visiting the Amalfi Coast. Subscribe newsletter and like fan page to not miss anything!

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