The best panoramic views in Venice

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Venice is one of the most photographed cities in Italy. The beauty of it you can capture on every corner. This year, I was the second time in Venice. The first one disappointed me, but I decided to give it another chance, and I don’t regret it! There are plenty of places which offer you panoramic spots, starting from expensive restaurants through historical buildings, ending on the free spots. I traveled on a budget, so you don’t find on my list fancy places. This year I found the spot, which surprised me with its view. Probably I shouldn’t share it with you 😉 It is still a hidden gem (you can book time slot the same day in high season), and it is totally for free. I was mesmerized by the view. But let’s get to the point. Check my list of the best panoramic views in Venice and chose the right for you.

List of the best panoramic views in Venice

Number 4. Campanile St. Mark’s Square

The advantage of the Campanile is its location. It stands just opposite St. Mark’s Basilica, so in case you have limited time in Venice, it is perfect. However, you need to wait in line and pay for an admission ticket.

The Campanile is about 99 meters high, which makes it the highest building in Venice. The interesting fact is, that visiting the Campanile on St. Marks’ Square, was also an attraction in the past ages. However, it was offered only to the fines families. Additionally, here Galileo studied the skies, and demonstrate his telescope.

Above all, location and high of the Campanile make it the good panoramic spot. Because of the security reasons, bars are mounted, so the view for the photo is not so perfect. In other words, this is not a perfect place for a selfie. On the other hand, take a photo by the camera is a lot easier. All you need to do is place your lens in the gap between the bars.

The best panoramic views in Venice-Campanile

In conclusion, the Campanile is a historic spot with a good view. However, this isn’t a great place for taking photos, especially when you use your mobile phone as your main camera.

The best panoramic views in Venice-Campanile

Number 3. Contarini del Bovolo Palace

This place is still off the beaten path place. On many blogs, (I did my research before my trip) you will find information, that is hard to find. It is hidden, but follow the signs, and you will not have a problem with finding it.

Frankly, I was there to see this remarkable spiral staircase. It combines a few architectural styles, which makes it one of a kind. The entry ticket for the panoramic terrace wasn’t worth the view for me (check the view on the official site here).

The advantage of Contarini del Bovolo Palace panoramic terrace is without bars, and you can take your photos freely. Another profit is that you don’t need to stay in line to enter. Let’s be honest. There is no such thing like too many panoramic photos in Venice. The only disadvantage is another admission fee.

The best panoramic views in Venice-Contarini del Bovolo Palace

Number 2. St. Mark’s Cathedral Terrace

Unfortunately taking the photos inside St Mark’s Basilica is forbidden. Access to Basilica is free, but you need to stay in the line. I didn’t feel comfortable visiting the place. Inside are the other lines to pay an admission fee to see Basilica treasures. Most of the people visit only Basilica, but this is a huge mistake. Leave the Basilica, and on your left, you will find steps. This is the entrance to St. Mark’s Cathedral Terrace, which is famous for its bronze horses. Above all, it has a perfect view for St. Mark’s Square, Campanile, and sea. You can sit, relax, and enjoy the view! I spent here around one hour and every minute was worth it.

The best panoramic views in Venice-St. Mark's Square
The best panoramic views in Venice St. Mark's Square

Number 1. Panoramic terrace near Rialto Bridge

The panoramic terrace near the Rialto Bridge is my biggest discovery in Venice. In my opinion, it has the best panoramic views in Venice. The entrance is free. All you need to know is book time slot on the site and show up at your hour with reservation confirmation.

It is still a hidden gem because booking is still possible for the same day, even in high season. The best thing is that the number of people is limited. Thanks to that, you can take beautiful photos with your camera or phone without people in the background. One booking allowed you to stay 15 minutes on the terrace. Most of the people enter, take the photo and go away. It is a huge mistake!

The best panoramic views in Venice

I recommend you to enter, and enjoy the best view for Canal Grande. After 5 minutes, when most of the people go away, you can freely take a photoshoot without interruption.

I would like that this place stays hidden gem, so details are available only for Donna Lucana community. Join now to get to know the details and take perfect photos in Venice.

In conclusion, there are plenty of places in this beautiful city with picturesque views. Which one you choose depends on your time, budget, and expectations. Just enjoy the view!

Is this post helpful for you? Maybe you know other panoramic spots in Venice, which mesmerized you?

Let us know in the comment and share your beautiful photos from Venice.

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