The truth about a vacation in Italy during COVID-19 times

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The year 2020 is a hard time for the whole world. I decided to not post anything about COVID-19 because I am not an expert in the field. The integrity of the information on my blog is my priority. I write about the locations in which I have been. I do not blog for a living. This site is my way to share with you less known remarkable places and tips for visiting those more popular. In my professional life, I am an accountant in factories in Italy. Almost all of them, before the Italy lockdown was in the red zone. That is why I follow the COVID-19 situation from the beginning. I am a member of the many general and Italy travel groups of Facebook. In the last few weeks, I observe sharing so many of the fake articles that I have decided to write this post and let you know how the situation really looks like. Read this article to get to know the truth about a vacation in Italy during COVID-19 times.

All the information I take from official press conferees of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte or the official sites of the regions. Unfortunately, many blogs these days do not check the sources and duplicate the information, which find on the internet, and in this way, fake news has a wide range. Let’s stop here because it is another topic. In the next part of the article, I would like to disprove the common fake news, which you can find on the internet. So let’s get to know the truth about a vacation in Italy in COVID-19 times.

Italy will be closed until 2021-FALSE

I think that the first fake news I have heard was that Italy will be closed until 2021. There is no official date of opening borders for the tourists. Make the decision so far ahead has no sense. COVID-19 is something new, and every expert has a different opinion. The priority of the Italian government is to keep the people safe. The other side is that many of the Italians have a small business in the tourist industry. The Prime Minister highlighted that this is not the main part of the Italian GDP (around 13% of total GDP). However, it will affect many of the small Italian businesses and families. Let’s go to the next truth about a vacation in Italy during COVID-19 times.

Vacation in Italy during COVID-19 times: Italian borders will reopen for tourist 3rd of June – TRUE

Edited 16.05 after the Prime Minister press conference. The Italian borders for tourists will reopen on the 3rd of June only for UE countries. There is no duty of the fourteen days quarantine. Italy is now in the third phase of the reduction of restrictions. The Italian Prime Minister made a clear statement that they will follow the numbers and make further decisions based on the effect of the restriction reduction. In the meantime, the European Commission made guidelines referring to the vacation period and recommends opening borders, starting from the 15th of June in the Schengen zone. Of course, final decisions will be taken by the governments of each country. What is worth highlighting, there is no information about opening the Schengen zone for tourists from outside Europe. The situation is changing rapidly, so follow the embassy site or worthy of trust blog or sites. This was the second truth about a vacation in Italy during COVID-19 times. 

Vacation in Italy during COVID-19 times: Sicily pays you to visit the island

The next partially fake news, in which many of you were excited about is that Sicily pays you to visit the island this year. There is the money to support local tourism, and Sicily is indeed working on the plan to attract tourists, but there are no details yet. The project is very controversial because in the first draft includes only the big hotels. As a result, the small B&Bs and boutique hotels, which also needs help in this hard time protest aginst this harming project. There is no official information about opening borders. Most probably, the funding would include only Italian citizens. There is no final version of the project, so it is hard to tell how it looks like. It was the last truth about the vacation in Italy during COVID-19 times. 

Now, Italy is preparing for beach season for its citizens. It is a little bit controversial. The Lido’s (stabilimenti balneari) needs to adjust to the new requirement. There are a lot of concepts, starting from Plexi boxes, finishing on the floating bridges with the beach chairs. I am also curious about the solutions for public beaches.

I hope that you liked the article the truth about a vacation in Italy during COVID-19 times. Let me know in the comments what news you heard about a vacation in Italy in 2020. To be updated, subscribe to Donna Lucana Newsletter and like our Facebook page. I have some idea of the project to help small Italian businesses to survive this difficult time. Would you be interested to buy some Italian products (for example ceramics, vines) online?

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